This weekend has been amazing. friday playing "Sophie fest" chewing the fat with Mark Cross and the boys from CLIT, great guys and mucho respect to them. new friends with Paralitica and Thieving gypsy bastards, great bands and older friends, becks and co and many more. The brilliant job by "Stu Routledge the man is a legend and a top top bloke. big thankyou for having us Stu and to all who came and made the fest a success. 
Breaking bands. what can I say.. Firstly, Massive well done to Jason McGuire , Steve Jacobs, Paul McMonnies and the entire TBFM team. congratulations a on a very succesful full fest may there be many more. Loved the hat Jay lol. The boys from "BREED 77" Andre Joyzi, Pedro Caparros, Dani Danny Felice and the guys, you were amazing. always good to see good friends and meet Paul finally. top guy. I was so very pleased to see Simon Yarwood, Craig Sheridan, Paul Cairns always good to see you mate and thanks for the deadly sin cider too, Ceri Davies cheers for coming hope TST made you smile and impress now you seen us live and to say its been nice meeting you, down to earth smashing bloke. Ru Wilson, Lee Preston such a genuine chappie and a pleasure to meet again and chat too.So many more great people too many to name and thank best to all.
also big shout out to all the great bands playing and to meeting many of them all great guys and girls.
new friends made including the cool Spanish couple look forward to speaking soon. Huge thanks and to finally meeting the lovely Natalie Loren Conway and her other half Kai whos a genuine nice guy. what a laugh Nat we have had its been such fun. im very pleased you like your new TST vest and sorry that no matter how you arranged it the words just would not play ball on the vest haha. looking forward to working with you very much. hope you all had a very safe trip home and and a great weekend. and yes...that you also enjoyed THE SELF TITLED as much as we did playing for you all. I sincerely hope we get to do it again soon. 
keep it metal and keep it real. You are all stars.